2013-07-27 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.


• July 9: Police responded to a report of persons calling for help in the creek between Basil Road and the wastewater treatment. Fire department units also responded. After an extensive search, it was discovered that three juveniles had jumped into the flooded creek and were swept over 1000 yards downstream. All three managed to get ashore and walked back to the Basil Bridge.

• July 9: Police were called to a domestic dispute on Washington Street. The caller said his wife left a note stating that if he was there when she returned, she would call police.

• July 11: Police were called to a North High Street home on a report of bag of fecal matter had been on the front step and then set afire.

• July 14: Police responded to a report of loud music in the area of Market and Granville streets. Police discovered it was coming from a band playing outside the bowling alley.

• July 14: Police checked the area after failing to find a reported two females and two males fighting in the street downtown.

• July 15: A woman told police that her soon-to-be ex-husband called and told her that he was on his way there. The woman feared that he may become violent. Police closely checked the area.

• July 18: A Romulus Street woman told police that her soon, to be ex-husband hit her in the face with a bag 20 minutes earlier. Police discussed options.

• July 19: Police were dispatched to a local repair shop on a report of a stolen vehicle. Police learned that the vehicle had been repossessed.

Buckeye Lake

• June 30: A driver was cited for driving under suspension, non-compliance, and license forfeiture.

• June 30: Police stopped a vehicle for malfunctioning brake lights and found a passenger had open containers of alcohol.

• July 4: Police assisted a state trooper with BAC test at Buckeye Lake police station.

• July 4: Thornville woman said her ex-boyfriend won’t stop calling and texting her. She was advised to change her phone number or get a restraining order.

• July 4: A Central Avenue woman said her husband took her laptop computer without permission, but the husband disagreed. She was advised to get a restraining order; both were told they would be cited if there were any more incidents.

• July 4: A Bluejay Court woman said her roommate may have removed $500 from her purse. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to file charges.

• July 4: A driver arrested for OVI, blew .180 BAC.

• July 5: A Union Avenue woman said a juvenile broke her fence. Incident was determined to be an accident and juvenile’s family agreed to fix the fence.

• July 5: Police stopped a suspected impaired driver on Tanner Road. While the driver was not impaired, marijuana and paraphernalia were discovered in the vehicle.

• July 5: Police stopped a driver that ran the Mill Dam Road traffic light. The driver’s license was under suspension. The driver was cited for running the light and DUS.

• July 5: Driver cited for traveling 48 in a 35 miles per hour zone.

• July 6: A Newark woman said her ex-boyfriend was harassing her over the phone. The ex, a Buckeye Lake resident, was advised to stop doing so. He agreed, but added that the phone arguments were on-going and both parties took part.

• July 6: Officer stopped a reckless driver on Mill Dam Road and found the driver to be highly intoxicated. The driver was cited for OVI.

• July 6: The Licking County Sheriff’s Office told police that a subject with an active Buckeye Lake warrant for Grand Theft Auto was being released from Franklin County Jail. Police picked up the subject and took him to the Licking County Jail.


• July 1: Police recovered a golf bag from Ohio 79 roadway. It is stored as found property.

• July 1: Police spoke with a man at Canal Park who had refused to leave after being asked to leave after he argued with an umpire.

• July 2: Police released an animal trapped in a trash can at Evans Park.

• July 2: Police assisted a Licking County Sheriff’s Office deputy with a traffic stop involving a person wanted on a warrant. Police arrested the man and took him to jail.

• July 2: A woman was arrested for petty theft at the Kroger store.

• July 3: Police secured an open door on a vacant Maple Avenue home.

• July 4: Police stopped a driver wanted on a Newark Police warrant. A Licking County Sheriff’s Office K-9 deputy ran her dog around the ruck and it hit on the passenger side door. The vehicle was searched and some items used for trafficating were found. Police impounded the vehicle and also sent the passenger to jail.

• July 4: Police were called about a man outside the Canal Road apartments, taking photos and stumbling around. He told police that he was diabetic

• July 4: A Reynoldsburg woman told police that her husband had been missing for several months. She thought he might be staying at the Best Western Inn. Police checked the area for a vehicle matching the description. but didn’t find anything.

• July 5: Police charged a man with theft after he was detained by Kroger security.

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