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Couple buys Copper Penny for fun

By Scott Rawdon

Julia and Jeff Reed take a family break at the Copper Penny with their son, Jackson. Beacon photo by Scott Rawdon. Julia and Jeff Reed take a family break at the Copper Penny with their son, Jackson. Beacon photo by Scott Rawdon. THORNVILLE – If you’re going to make a lifestyle change, make it a big one, Julia Reed says.

She and her husband, Jeff, took over the venerable Copper Penny Lakeside club near Thornville this spring. The Copper Penny has been a popular Buckeye Lake destination since the early 1960s. Reed said right after she and Jeff welcomed their newborn son, Jackson, into the world, they decided they wanted to be able to spend more time with him and each other. So even with a newborn, the Millersport couple decided to take the leap and purchase the Copper Penny.

“We always wanted our own business,” said Julia Reed. “It all happened really quickly.”

Reed said Jeff was in sales and worked in a bar while in college and Julia worked in the auto industry. “This was all new to us,” she said. However, Jeff said former owners Jeff and Teresa Baker left the business in good shape for the next owners. “The former owners did a really good job,” said Jeff Reed.

Jeff Reed said one of the first things he did was add breakfast Saturdays and Sundays and lunches Thursdays and Fridays. He continued the Copper Penny’s regular live entertainment both inside and outside of the building and, of course, the popular tiki bar. So far, he said, business has been strong.

Currently, Reed isn’t planning major changes to the Copper Penny’s structure. “Right now, no,” he said, but, “There are major improvements that’ll be coming up,” although he wasn’t ready to elaborate further.

As far as Jeff Reed knows, the Copper Penny was established as a bar around 1962. Before that, the building housed a fishing boat rental business. After the owner started selling beer to the fishermen, it was so successful that he forgot about the boats and opened the tavern he had always wanted. “This is to the best of my knowledge,” he said.

Jeff Reed said he and his wife are really enjoying the bar ownership experience, despite the long hours. “Which, we knew would happen,” he said, adding that he loves to meet new people and talk with them. His goal for the Copper Penny is to create a relaxed environment. “I want this to be a really fun, laid back, familyoriented place,” said Reed. “You leave your worries at the door.”

The Reeds agree that the last thing they want is for the Copper Penny to become any sort of rowdy place and conflict among patrons is completely unacceptable. They’re working hard to cultivate the fun, yet family-oriented atmosphere. “Our son’s here,” said Julia Reed.

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