2013-07-27 / Editorials & Letters

Writer to stop arguing with trustee


Law enforcement officials, teachers and adults with common sense, teach their children not to post private information on the internet for their safety. This includes their address and phone number.

Keeping them safe is the ultimate goal and millions of dollars have been spent on advertising that stresses not posting phone numbers and address on Facebook and You Tube.

I hope the children learn this lesson better than Bowling Green Township trustee Jeff Chorpening. He maliciously and purposely posted the phone number and address of those who gave their information to the sheriff on his Facebook page and on You Tube. While dictator Chorpening will use the argument, “I didn’t do anything wrong, its public information,” he did not consider the safety of the residents nor that people were on the “do not call” list and some were cell phone numbers.

While I agree it is public information, it was only available to the public IF they went, in person, to the sheriff’s office to obtain it. It was NOT available online.

Thanks to this reckless and threatening act, after 36 years with the same phone number, I have now been forced to change that number disconnected.

I could argue other points with Chorpening however the comment from Greg King prevents me from continuing.

“Don’t argue with idiots because they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” - Greg King

I’ll not argue with idiot Chorpening again.

Patricia Volland
Bowling Green Township

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