2013-07-27 / Editorials & Letters

Distracter machine revving up


The good ole boy distracter machine is revving the engines after my recent letter about our convicted trustee, Ben Hupp, that kept himself paid by our tax dollars while he sat behind bars. Thanks to all the silent voters out there that have contacted me and are indeed “Stepping” up.

The Vermillion Letter to the Editor with the bucolic Brownsville Park side window view paints a lovely picture. As I sit with my one eye and view hours and hours of public meetings on-line, it is no wonder why Vermillion wants to do some damage control. After all, the overpaid lawn-mowing Trustee Ben Hupp can look all “cleaned up” around the township hall.

An Oct. 15, 2011 Letter to the Editor from Vermillion archived by The Beacon titled ‘Chorpenning called disrespectful’ reveals what Vermillions damage control essays are really all about. Why is Hupp paying township employees 4.5 hours to mow the mini patch of grass that Hupp supposedly clips every week? There is hardly any grass at all now that Hupp expanded the park with our tax dollars to reinstall a merry-go-round that is not up to safety standards.

The view out of my one good eye sees something much different than the Vermillions’ rose color glasses. Keep YOUR eye out for more Hupp clean up! I have not yet seen all the bills to expand the non-grass park area with your tax money. Rest assured that our insurance rates won’t go down to the Hupp merry-go-round spin.

Geary Stepp
Bowling Green Township

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