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‘Thanks to Hebron for the wonderful care’


At the 6/24 Buckeye Lake Council meeting, council member Barry Herron said he was infuriated that I “used” my mother to call 911 and then refused Buckeye Lake EMS when they arrived. Council President Hayden asked, “In a real emergency would you not take the first responder if your slogan is “Patients 1st?” Their offensive remarks went on and on causing me to erupt as I got up to leave. Police Chief Jimmy Hanzey had to be called into action.

It’s pretty pathetic when council members are attacking residents and discussing the health issues and transport of an 88-year-old lady, passing around her EMS reports, 911 tapes and scrutinizing private medical decisions.

Many elderly folks with severe back issues can relate to my mother’s condition. Some days are better than others. Sometimes conditions can deteriorate to the point of being unable to transfer from a lift chair to a wheelchair or from a wheelchair to the car or to the commode. Sometimes the pain intensifies while the strength to transfer diminishes. The pain can even be greater when caregivers try to assist in the transfer. When it gets to the point where any movement from the chair causes severe pain, options become very limited.

Council should focus on replacing our failed fire department instead of demonizing me for refusing EMS services from a department for which I have no respect or confidence. We all have a right to make our own decisions regarding our health care. I honor my mother every day of my life. I love her. I care for her as I did my Dad. I would NEVER “use” her. Barry Herron, HOW DARE YOU IMPLY I “USED” MY MOTHER! You have no idea how hurtful that statement was.

I made it clear right from the start with 911 that I wanted Hebron, not Buckeye Lake. I’m not the one who established the protocol of sending out only the primary department within the jurisdiction. I agree it’s a waste of resources to send out a department that is not needed or wanted. No one should be forced to accept EMS services for which they have no respect or confidence.

Hayden thinks you should always take the first responder or you’re not putting patients first. If they are competent, yes. If they are incompetent, you ARE NOT putting the patient first. I could care less what council thinks. I am looking out for my mother. If I have to refuse BLFD again to get Hebron, I will. I wish I could re-direct part of my real estate tax payment to Hebron. Thanks to Hebron for the wonderful care provided to my mother.

Peggy Wells
Buckeye Lake

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