2013-06-29 / Editorials & Letters

Selection method for chief isn’t right


Recently there was an opening for the Thorn Township Fire Department. It would be great for our citizens to have a qualified chief which has been lacking for years. One of the applicants and most qualified for the job was Chief Huggins from Heath. He has close to 30 years in the fire service (14 of those as chief), a fire instructor and a paramedic. It would truly be an honor to have a qualified, honest, professionals as chief - some thing the department has lacked in many years but such an individual the township deserves.

The chief is hired by the trustees, but not in Thorn Township. Instead, the volunteers get to vote on who they want as their boss. They voted “no” on Chief Huggins. Why wouldn’t they want to vote in a highly qualified professional to run their department? Probably because Huggins was more qualified that all of them put together, wasn’t was of “the good ole boys,” and would run the department in a professional manner with qualified individuals. The township deserves the best but sine we will now have to settle for second or third choice, we will never know how a real fire department should be run. It is such a disgrace for the township not to hire the highest caliber individual. We will continue to have a “good ole boy” department with less than qualified volunteers as officers.

I would like to thank Bob Coleman and Rick Wilson for thinking outside the box. Voting for the best individual was the right thing to do. But the trustees letting the volunteers pick their boss??? This just doesn’t seem right.

I hope the citizens of Thorn Township will remember this when the November elections come around. I know I will be sure to remind my family and friends as we get closer to election time.

Thanks again, bob and Rick, for trying to make a difference.

I would personally like to than Chief Huggins for even considering the chief’s position. Any fire department would be honored to have you as chief.

Dennis Lavender
Citizens for a Better Township
Thorn Township

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