2013-06-22 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• June 5: A Walnut Road woman said she was arguing with her juvenile daughter over having a cell phone. Police took the phone from the juvenile and gave it to her mother.

• June 5: Police were called about a female juvenile at a friend’s house who refused to return to her mother in Newark. Police stood by until her mother arrived. She wanted a charge of unruliness placed against her daughter.

• June 6: A Highland Avenue resident reported hearing beeping noises from an elderly neighbor’s house. The residents were not home, but a smoke detector’s low battery warning was beeping.

• June 6: Police arrested and transported a man with three Franklin County warrants to the Franklin County line for transfer.

• June 7: A W. 7th Street man asked to have a woman removed from his property. She left voluntarily when police arrived.

• June 7: A Grandstaff Avenue resident asked police to remove a male subject from a private dock. The man wasn’t on the dock when police arrived, but he was advised that the dock is private property.

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