2013-06-22 / News

Township signs on for fire district study

By Charles Prince

UNION TOWNSHIP – Trustees unanimously agreed Monday night to seek a Local Government Innovation Fund grant with the Villages of Buckeye Lake and Hebron, and the City of Heath to fund a fire district feasibility study. Hebron is the lead applicant.

Trustees didn’t mention their discussion two weeks ago about determining the millage or tax rate for an additional fire levy on the November ballot. Last fall, trustees unilaterally cut their payment to the Village of Hebron for fire/EMS services by more than $200,000. Trustee President Rick Black told Hebron Fire Chief Randy Weekly that he emailed Hebron Safety Committee chair Alayna Morris two weeks ago that “we’re ready to negotiate.” Hebron had asked trustees to start talking about 2014 several months ago, but trustees wanted to wait until June as specified in the 2013 contract.

Trustee John Slater reported that the pad has been constructed for the long awaited salt bin. Slater provided the equipment for the work. The next step is to test compaction then turn it over to the contractor. Slater has contacted the Licking County Planning Commission about a flood plain permit. He doesn’t anticipate any problems getting the permit.

Slater said replacing the I-70 bridge over Canal Road has grown into a three phase project. Right now the project is behind schedule due to a fatal accident and problems getting pre-cast pieces to meet specifications. Consequently, Canal Road will be closed longer than originally anticipated. Slater believes it will reopen late this month. The entire project could be completed much earlier than the original Summer of 2014 date.

Slater said a major engineering problem has come up with the line of sight for drivers coming off Duck Run Road. “They might have to reposition the road.” ODOT has taken responsibility to fix the problem, he added.

Trustees spent quite a bit of time discussing the condition of the cul-de-sac on Dewmar Drive that runs off Lees Road. A resident complained to Black about its condition.

“It has too much tar on it,” road supervisor Dave Cable said. “We try to put more stone on it to keep it from bleeding.”

“It’s just smooth and black,” Black said. He added that the resident doesn’t expect it to be fixed this year. Cable suggested paving just the cul-de-sac.

Trustees were expected to open road resurfacing bids Monday night. Township Administrator

Paula Greene said the bid opening has been pushed back to 6 p.m. on Monday, June 24, due to a road description error made by the county engineer’s office. Three companies are interested.

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