2013-06-22 / News

Thornville painting water tower

By Scott Rawdon

THORNVILLE- – A major project to paint both the inside and outside of the Thornville water tower is under way.

Residents shouldn’t notice much of a change in service during the process, other than village water may taste a little funny for a short time after the work is complete. Currently, the tower is drained.

“There hasn’t been any interruption of service for residents as there are backup tanks located at the tower site,” said Thornville Mayor Gavin Renner. “Maintaining water pressure is a challenge so our staff has been monitoring the situation.”

Renner said the entire process takes about a month since crews are repainting the interior and exterior. “Once the project is completed and the tank has been refilled, residents may notice that the water taste and smell may be a little strange,” he said. “This is due to the fresh paint on the interior of the tank. We’ve been assured that this is normal and is safe. It will go away over time.”

Renner said thus far the weather hasn’t interrupted water service. “I was a bit concerned that we’d have a weather event that would knock out power and we would lose pressure, but the system is doing okay,” he said.

Administrator Beth Patrick said the process has gone smoothly except for “a little bit of air in the line,” but that’s not serious. With the water tower drained, Patrick said the village is using what’s called a “Variable Frequency Drive System,” which allows the village’s water well pumps to accommodate customers’ fluctuating water demands.

Painters will not change the water tower’s color. “The tower will also feature a new logo for the village,” said Renner. “The company that is doing the work threw that into the deal.”

Thornville entered into a water tower service and maintenance contract with Utility Service Company, Inc. based in Perry, Georgia. Patrick said according to the contract the first three years of annual fees are $66,681. The annual fee for contract year four and each subsequent year is $19,427.

A letter the village sent to Thornville residents states, “There should be no service interruption as a result of this project, however, customers may experience water pressure fluctuation and a possibility of discoloration.

“The water is safe to consume and water testing as require by the Ohio EPA will continue during this project.”

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