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Writer may ‘Stepp’ up for trustee


My vision issues as a war vet have kept me away from personally attending most of this year’s Bowling Green Township Trustees’ meetings. Fortunately we have YouTube. I may wear an eye patch now, but am far from blind to what is going on here.

The most recent meeting seemed more like a Twilight Zone episode as boy Trustee Benjamin Hupp gave special noton the-agenda permission to his mother. She then launched into a verbal tireade repeating false claims about Trustee Jeff Chorpenning. It didn’t stop there as Trustee Daniel Vanburen would not even stay seated at the table as the yelling kept escalating way over the top.

All year the trustees’ meetings have been run like a dictatorship regime. The first meeting of the year was held in the early morning hours and was somehow rescheduled from when the public had been told in December. Board decisions are often ignored or not even made in the first place before actions are taken.

Perhaps Trustee Hupp wants us all to forget about his conviction for assault with “criminal tools” and other charges that all happened during his debut term as a supposed elected leader. Hupp collected a paycheck from our tax dollars while he sat e convicted behind bars. Hupp really is something to make a mommy proud.

I, for one, have not forgotten and nor should any other residents. Though The Beacon did not cover his arrest and trial, both The Dispatch and The Advocate did. Make no mistake; what I write is a matter of public record and fact. Hupp, along with his rubber stamping, yes man, Trustee Vanburen continuously violate the Ohio Sunshine Laws to maintain the status quo.

The last meeting revealed that Hupp and Vanburen hired a relative of the zoning inspector as a road worker sometime between trustee meetings and even issued a paycheck! How is it that two trustees hire a worker without even going through the motions of letting the full board know?

In November, both Hupp and Vanburen’s seats are up. If I must, I will ‘Stepp’ up and gather signatures. Who else will open their eyes and get behind candidates that will put an end to this nonsense?

We live here and it is time to take our township back! In a future issue, I may write about witnessing Hupp in the court room, admitting to his criminal acts.

Geary Stepp
Bowling Green Township

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