2013-06-22 / Editorials & Letters

‘Keep up the fine reporting…’


Just when I needed some good laughs (better than crying), I sat down to read the current issue of the Beacon and I must say great job!

1. Record haul of Carp, congrats to those fishers of carp. Paid to fish!!! Way to go!

2. Your editorial of ‘wishing will make it so’. Isn’t that just typical of today’s current mind-set and how appropriate to have all the obituaries surround it.

3. And last but not least; I read an ad informing me that I and up to 13 others can get breakfast/swimming and fine linens for a luxurious three night stay on a Buckeye Lake Island for thousands of dollars. Sure hope they don’t need emergency medical care!

Do keep up the fine reporting as you see it!

Carolyn Clark

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