2013-06-22 / Editorials & Letters

‘Better service for less money!’


Once again our Buckeye Lake Village Council members have their heads buried in the sand. They ‘hear no evil and see no evil,’ but some do speak some evil. They just can’t bring themselves to put patients first.

Summer is here, bringing back part-time residents and thousands of visitors. More people mean more accidents and illnesses; and more calls for emergency medical help. Yet our elected officials continue to support a still-broken EMS system. Saving the fire department is more important to them than saving lives.

All they listen to is hogwash from the fire department leadership and Safety Committee Chair Clay Carroll. He may be a school mate of Fire Chief Pete Leindecker, but his first obligation is to give residents and visitors the best EMS service available. It’s available just two miles away in Hebron and at about a 30 percent discount to what we are paying now. Much better service for less money! Who would oppose that?

The fire levy renewal will be back on the November ballot. We need to tell council members that we won’t renew the levy unless they make the sensible decision to contract now with Hebron. It doesn’t make any sense to let them spend more of our money for worst service.

Patients 1st!

Brenda Hileman
Buckeye Lake

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