2013-06-15 / Police Report

Police activity reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• May 29: An East 6th Street woman reported a case of credit card fraud. It was later discovered that a company inadvertently charged her double for a transaction.

• May 29: Police assisted the Buckeye Lake Fire Department with a seven year old boy who was playing in the water with his mother. She said some kids were splashing around her son, causing him to slip. She said he couldn’t get up and didn’t appear to be breathing immediately. After the squad arrived, the boy was still feeling ill, so he was transported to Licking Memorial Hospital.

• May 30: A West 1st Street man said his neighbor’s music was too loud. The neighbor was advised.

• May 30: Police received a complaint that a Seymour Avenue resident’s dog was loose and causing problems. The dog’s owner was advised.

• May 31: A home health care worker said her patient wasn’t answering the door. An officer and health care worker pounded on the door until the patient finally answered. The patient said she was sleeping and didn’t hear the door at first.

• May 31: A Cliff Street man said an upset driver threatened him and damaged his vehicle in a road rage incident.

• May 31: Police assisted the Licking County Sheriff’s Office with an active fight at the Mill Dam Corner Grille.

• May 31: Police responded to a report of an active domestic dispute on West 1st Street. A man said his mother-in-law attacked him. He said he didn’t want to press charges but wanted her off his property. The mother-in-law refused to leave and began yelling. She refused to cooperate with the officer and was transported to the Licking County Justice Center where she also refused to cooperate with officers.

• May 31: A Duke service station employee reported a customer, whose license plate was identified, left without paying for $22.50 of gasoline. The customer was located and charged with theft.

• June 1: Police were told that a neighborhood dispute was getting out of hand and a person was threatening others with a pipe. The officer found no dispute upon arrival and the person with a pipe was putting up a fence.

• June 1: Police responded to a complaint of an unruly female juvenile. Officer spoke to all parties and calmed the situation.

• June 1: A Licking County Sheriff’s Office deputy reported a possible prowler. The area was checked and no one was located.

• June 2: A suspicious vehicle was reported at the Econolodge. The people in the vehicle were advised to register with the hotel or leave. They left.

• June 2: Police assisted a landlord who was serving papers to a tenant.

• June 2: A manager at Louie’s Corner House was advised to turn down its music.

• June 2: Police stopped a vehicle for lane violations and found the driver was highly intoxicated. The driver blew .222 BAC and was cited for OVI.

• June 2: An officer observed a fight in the Louie’s Corner House parking lot. Parties dispersed when the officer arrived. The officer reported no injuries or victims.

• June 3: A Union Avenue man said someone entered his home and removed a container of change.

• June 4: A Wood street resident said persons were stealing copper ground wire from telephone poles.

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