2013-06-15 / Editorials & Letters

‘We are all at risk’


Buckeye Lake council member and mayoral candidate Clay Carroll has convinced the rest of council to turn their backs on an EMS contract with Hebron. For all of us who may need to call 9-1- 1....we’re stuck with a crippled department.

We don’t have well-trained and experienced paramedics and EMT’s (except for a very few) – instead we have “card-holders.” This observation comes from several medical professionals who interact with our department on a regular basis.

If this department has made such great improvement in the last few months, what happened at the May 23 fire at 300 Worth Drive? From two miles away, Hebron was first on the scene. We had two people on station and they only had to travel one-half mile. Six other departments were called out, yet we had only one volunteer show up.

The police officer on scene reported to 9-1-1 “an active fire with people trapped inside.” If ever there was a need for those other “28 members of the BLFD” to respond, this was it! Perhaps our mayoral candidate Clay Carroll can explain why the so-called improvements have failed to translate into better performance.

Our brick fire station gives us a false sense of security. Do I like saying this? No, but you deserve the truth. You just can’t get more serious than life and death. Am I being negative? No, I’m choosing life instead of death. Do we have a negative situation to fix? Yes, we do. Can we change it? Certainly, but it appears that our elected officials aren’t performing any better than the leaders at the fire department.

We may have to wait until November and frankly, it scares me to death because in the meantime someone will likely die. I’ll repeat that – Someone will likely die. It’s honestly that serious and sobering. Without immediate change, we are all at risk.

Peggy Wells
Buckeye Lake

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