2013-05-25 / Editorials & Letters

‘What’s wrong with you, Mr. Leindecker?’


Does our Fire Chief Pete Leindecker really know what ‘person in charge,’ ‘boss,’ and ‘chief’ means? It means that he is the responsible person! It means he is the one to see that everything runs as it should. It means that he is the one to see that his department is covered EVERY shift, EVERY hour, EVERY day and if for ANY reason it isn’t, then he’s the one to cover that spot.

That’s why he has the title and is paid. Why can’t he do that and since he isn’t, why is he staying in the ‘chief’ position. He is the reason the levy failed last November and he will be the reason it will fail again this November. We need a real ‘chief,’ not someone playing at the job.

It is great that Buckeye Lake has its own fire/EMS services. If he wasn’t ‘in charge,’ I would be the first to volunteer to go doorto door, asking voters to approve the next levy. But since he is still ‘in charge,’ I will be the first person to go door-to-door, urging voters to reject the levy until we get someone as chief that can do the job.

I was involved in an accident last week and had to seek medical assistance. I went to the fire station and for the whole trip I kept saying to myself - please let this be one of the times when the house is staffed so that help will be there; or should I be heading for a hospital where I know help is available. We shouldn’t have to think like that! What’s wrong with you, Mr. Leindecker?

Judy Allen
Buckeye Lake

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