2013-05-25 / Editorials & Letters

The solution is clear!

Our Patients 1st tracking number on the cover reached 280 days this week. That’s more than NINE months or 6,720 hours. That’s about 6,715 more hours than Buckeye Lake Village officials have spent talking PUBLICLY about our dysfunctional EMS system.

Thanks to nearly instant world-wide communications, we’re treated daily to reports of terrible tragedies around the world. Years of that steady diet has left us numb and feeling powerless. We can’t affect the tornadoes in Oklahoma, the bombing in Boston, the threats from North Korea, the slaughter of civilians in Syria - the list goes on and on. It becomes easy to recite a few tidbits from the latest tragedy and quickly move on. With the daily drumbeat of tragedy, it’s hard to get really excited about anything outside our own daily activities.

It’s true – we have no control over what’s called ‘news’ everyday. Unfortunately, that’s lead many of us to create a ‘whatever’ world. We may complain a little bit, but we take what’s dished out. Nothing makes any difference, so why even try.

That attitude is so commonplace that we often never see the opportunities to actually affect change. That’s where we find ourselves after 280 days and still counting for Patients 1st Care in Buckeye Lake Village.

You did make a difference when 509 voters refused to renew a levy for a dysfunctional department last November. We thought that would wake up village officials to make the changes to finally put Patients 1st. We were mistaken!

Patients weren’t first Tuesday morning when the Buckeye Lake squad sped by a waiting Hebron EMT and paramedic at Ohio 79 & U.S. 40. Buckeye Lake finally picked up the needed cardholder from Heath just a couple of miles from the hospital. Two Hebron crews were available to take that call. Buckeye Lake is focused on keeping the run (soon-to-be on keeping the run AND the EMS billing revenue). So it’s OK to wait at the scene a bit longer to see if a volunteer shows up or even run almost all the way to the hospital short-handed and illegally after botching the meet-up with Hebron. Patients weren’t first late Monday evening when Buckeye Lake waited 12 minutes to ask Millersport for assistance then cancelled the paramedic unit when it arrived because someone from Buckeye Lake had finally shown up. Buckeye Lake wanted to keep the run.

We could go on and on. Actually, we have gone on and on, now for over nine months. Faithful readers are likely sick of reading our stories and editorials. We’re sick of still having to write them.

This isn’t about tornadoes in Oklahoma, terrorists in Boston or Algeria etc. This is an issue we CAN solve. An excellent Hebron proposal has now been ignored for six weeks. It costs LESS than we are spending on our broken system now! We have the money. Hebron is NOT asking for a lifetime commitment. It’s for one year. That gives us time to evaluate the future WITHOUT risking lives. Your lives have already been at risk for about eight months longer than needed.

We’ve got to get out of our ‘whatever’ world and get involved. If a handful of people could do it, it would have been done months ago. We need you! You can make a difference.

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