2013-05-04 / Editorials & Letters

Writer makes amends


In my haste two weeks ago, I left off many key performers in the musical “Oliver”. I would like to congratulate the following students for their roles: Noah Jewell, Kolton Halla, Kayla Anderson, Kayla Hittle, Levi Sorsby, Tierra Harris, Celeste Anderson and Andrew Bowman.

The cast and crew are also involved in track, softball, baseball, club volleyball and soccer. Being able to practice, perform athletically and musically makes the performance unique and is a testament to everyone’s work ethic and ability to adjust schedules.

Thanks go to Jeff Dupler, Debbie Smith, the musicians and everyone that built the set. Special thanks go to Rita and Steve Mohler who make the high school performances possible. There are still way to many people to thank individually who sell tickets, print programs, promote the performance, prepare the food and tear down the set. Truly, it is a successful event.

Debbi and I choose to live here because of the many positive events and people that make Walnut Township a great place to live and raise children.

Vince Popo
Lieb’s Island

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