2013-05-04 / Editorials & Letters

It’s time to clean house


I am writing about the on going dispute over our local fire department, if that’s what we can call it. I see and read all the back and forth bickering. And I can’t help but wonder if we shouldn’t just start all over fresh. The mayor and Village Council do not seem to care about the residents of Buckeye Lake. Clean house getting rid of the mayor, council, and members of the fire department.

The department itself talks about trying to improve things, but how can we take them seriously? They put up a sign in front of the fire department about a public meeting at Our Lady of Mt Carmel. For the first week it had the date and time. Now for the past three plus weeks the day and time has been missing. What are they afraid of, that maybe they will have to hear the truth? To me that shows the department doesn’t care about the people of this village. How are we supposed to trust them with our lives and homes if they act and do things like this?

I feel the funds for the department are mismanaged very badly. We had two perfectly good squads. Yet they had to go out and purchase a even bigger one? And the one that was decommissioned was auctioned at a huge loss!!!!!!!

We hear the department say over and over that they are a volunteer department. Well, if this is a volunteer department what are they doing driving the huge squad around running their errands and taking it to Pizza Cottage for their lunch? A volunteer department means emergency vehicles should stay in house till needed. What about the wasted fuel, due to their senseless running? If they want to drive the vehicle around then they should pay for the fuel and maintenance.

Now to response times!

I personally had a health issue which required their help. I am a severe asthmatic and suffer from vocal cord dysfunction, which at times can make breathing very hard and difficult. One morning I had an attack and needed their assistance. According to my mother and other family members, their response time left much to be desired. And then when they get here, even after I explained my medical problems, they have the nerve to tell me, “Oh you’re just hyper ventilating.” When my prescribed meds don’t work and I have to resort to my emergency inhaler, it is definitely a serious problem. Yet they made me feel like I was making it up or faking.

This department has a lot of issues, and they are lucky they haven’t cost someone their life. At this pace, one day it will come. Mark my words.

Jeff Volz
Buckeye Lake

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