2013-04-20 / Front Page


Dawes enjoys outstanding spring
By Scott Rawdon

Photos by Scott Rawdon Photos by Scott Rawdon JACKSONTOWN – This has been one of the most “normal” spring seasons for weather that Dawes Arboretum Director of Horticulture Mike Ecker has ever seen; and that’s a good thing. “This is fantastic,” he said, adding that this spring’s blooms are not only spectacular, but thanks to moderate temperatures they will remain spectacular for a long time. “This is so far, one of the best years I can remember,” said Ecker. He said people always want hot weather early, such as last year’s unseasonably warm spring, but this year’s weather not being too warm or too cold is incredibly good for flowering trees .

Ecker said last year was like a “fireworks finale,” whereby all the colorful blooms exploded at once, then faded away quickly in the sweltering heat. This year, “stand back and watch the glory,” he said, because he expects this spring’s blooms and the arboretum to remain beautiful for many days to come.

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