2013-04-13 / Editorials & Letters

Save the trees in Harbor Hills


I will never understand why homeowners cut down perfectly healthy trees. It is prudent to keep trees properly trimmed (NO TOPPING!), and to cut down dead trees.

But I have seen more healthy trees cut down in Harbor Hills in the last couple of years for what seems like nothing more than aesthetic reasons.

Trees are an important part of our ecosystem and should be protected. Harbor Hills is part of the migratory bird route in the spring and an important habitat for nesting birds. We have some wonderful old growth trees that make our neighborhood unique. Trees provide shade and can reduce energy costs. Studies have show trees can increase property values by 4 - 12 percent. If you must destroy a dead tree, please replace it.

Please think about this ipact before cutting down a healthy tree. Please don’t destroy or trim trees during the primes nesting months of April to August.

Once a healthy, mature tree is destroyed, a piece of nature’s beauty is gone forever!

Judy Williams
Harbor Hills

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