2013-04-06 / News

Trustees planning road repairs

By Scott Rawdon

UNION TOWNSHIP – Union Township Trustees are ready to begin this season’s road work and are waiting for cost estimates from the Licking County Engineer’s Office so they can put the work out to bid.

Trustee President Rick Black said the engineer’s office creates the cost estimates for chip and seal and asphalt paving jobs, but not for crack sealing work. “We’re on our own for that one,” he said.

Black said trustees are working on a list of township roads to be improved this summer. So far, Black said that list definitely includes Beaver Run, from Thornwood Drive to Ohio 37 for chip and seal paving; Canyon Road from Beaver Run to Seminary roads for chip and seal; Canyon Road south from Beaver Run Road to the Hebron Village corporation limit for moto-pave (asphalt); and the Lees Drive and Waters Edge subdivisions for chip and seal paving.

“We want to get this stuff bid out,” he said. Trustees are also eager to begin crack sealing as quickly as possible while the weather’s still cool, because pavement contracts in the cold, making the cracks wider and more prominent. If the cracks are filled during the summer when the pavement is warm and expanded, the cracks may simply reappear again in the autumn.

During Monday night’s trustees meeting, Don Trasin, president of Reynoldsburg’s Armor Paving & Sealing, said he and his associates mapped the township streets in need of crack sealing and measured the cracks. “We want to be ready to jump on it,” said Trasin, who estimated the total cost of the crack sealing would be roughly $30,000. “We’re really proud of our work. We hit every crack,” he said, implying that other paving companies don’t.

Trustees are currently collecting bids for the crack sealing directly from the companies. Trustee John Slater said there’s a wide scope in the amount of work to do, but the price of material is fairly constant. “Most likely the big variable in the bids is in manpower,” he said.

In other township news:

• Black said Assistant Licking County Prosecutor Austin Lecklider agreed with trustees’ decision to award Quality Excavating and Construction to build a 40’ x 60’ salt bin. Quality submitted the third lowest bid at $91,800, above Miller Builders at $89,000, and A&B Construction of Iowa at $87,450.

Lecklider said A&B submitted an invalid bid bond, which automatically disqualified the bid. He added that under the Ohio Revised Code, trustees have the authority to reject the Miller bid because they had concerns about Miller’s reliability, although Miller’s product is fine.

Black said the township is on schedule to begin construction of the salt bin in May. Once it begins, Black estimated it would take Quality roughly three months to build it.

• Black said the process of the Licking Cemetery Association transferring responsibility of the Licking Cemetery to the trustees is proceeding slowly but surely. He said the Licking County Prosecutor’s Office recommended a survey of the section of the cemetery for which the association is responsible.

“(Trustees) are reviewing with me what needs to be done,” said Lecklider. He said this is the first time he’s worked through such a transfer, but there are “specific places” in the Ohio Revised Code that deal with cemetery transfers, so there’s no reason to believe it can’t be completed smoothly.

Regardless of how long the transfer takes, Black said previously that trustees will mow the entire cemetery’s grass and maintain the grounds as much as possible.

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