2013-03-02 / Editorials & Letters

Wells works hard for Buckeye Lake


I strongly disagree with Donna Thompson’s statement at a recent Buckeye Lake Village Council meeting that Peggy Wells tears down everything good in the village. She and other critics need to step back and take a fair look at what she has done.

Several years ago she was a key member of the small group that challenged a very high increase in our sewer bills and came up with lower cost financing for the sewer plant expansion. That will save us millions over the years.

Peggy made our skate park a reality for our children, spending a lot of time and her own money on the project. You can count on Peggy to spend the time to do her homework. She simply believes that we should get our monies worth.

Right now the big issue is EMS service and we really need help. This is not about a personal vendetta against the fire chief or anyone else. People haven’t been doing their jobs and residents aren’t getting the service they deserve and have paid for. With EMS, it is a matter of life and death.

Believe it is more than a handful of us who believe major changes must be made. I hear from residents everyday so feel the same way but are afraid to speak out publicly.

Rather than attacking Peggy, residents should be thanking her for the time and energy she spends trying to make Buckeye Lake Village a better place to live. Go Peggy!

Brenda Hileman
Buckeye Lake

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