2013-03-02 / Editorials & Letters

Sequester Madness

Some of you are probably reading this huddled around a fire, trying to stay warm and hoping you can find another can of beans or stew to feed to your hungry family. Those heartless Republicans let the budget sequester go into effect Friday and a $85 billion cut (a little over two percent) out of $3.5 trillion in federal spending is ending civilization as we know it.

President Obama, continuing his permanent campaign for the office he already has, and Democrats have put The Beacon’s April Fool’s Day parodies to shame. Our April 1 stories are far more believable than the dire consequences Democrats predict should the sequester force them to turn down the torrent of spending a tiny notch. Most of the national media that apparently don’t have a 99¢ calculator have spread these tall tales of doom and gloom. Here are a few: Thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. Police officers and first responders will be cut. Criminals will be let go. Jobs will be lost. It goes on and on. Apparently the $3.416 TRILLION LEFT after the sequester doesn’t go very far these days.

The sequester was Obama’s idea in 2011 to avoid a battle over increasing the debt ceiling before the 2012 election. That’s all forgotten now and he is demanding more tax increases before he’ll agree to cut spending at all. The premise of our government to provide a basic framework for us to live with freedom and liberty – national defense, common currency, rule of law, basic education and some infrastructure – has been turned on its head. With the combined tax burden (income, use, sales, property taxes etc.) now often exceeding 50 percent of income for middle-income families, we are now working for government. We’ve lost our freedom and liberty to a greedy government that recognizes no limits.

Obama and the Democrats are having a tantrum about having to leave one piece of candy out of a 50-piece box. Those of us who still work for a living and don’t have a government job had a personal sequester January 1 when the Social Security tax increased from four percent to six percent on earned income. That’s a 50 percent increase!

We didn’t hear a peep from Obama or the Democrats when our income was cut two percent. There were no headlines or dire predictions about how we were going to cope with the loss of income. We simply and quietly made small adjustments to our spending – water instead a beverage at a restaurant, buying a store brand rather than a name brand, delaying a purchase and so on. That’s the same thing our government should be doing. Instead they are trying to inflict as much pain on us as possible to teach us a lesson. How dare we cut their spending!

It’s time for Obama to start acting like a leader and not a candidate. How many future generations are we going to indebt before we come to our senses?

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