2013-03-02 / Editorials & Letters

Make your own decision on state budget


I think it’s shameful the way Democrats are attacking John Kasich’s Jobs Budget 2.0 proposal and claiming that it raises taxes. A little research uncovers that his budget not only cuts taxes, but narrows the gap between rich and poor.

For starters, Ohio’s tax code hasn’t been fundamentally redesigned since the Great Depression. Can you believe that? Corporate lobbyists have shut that door for years, and now it seems they’ve enlisted the help of Democrats to help spread more lies and bury Governor Kasich.

Ohio’s taxes are too high and we still have a long way to go until we can compete with Texas or Florida. We need to start somewhere and cutting taxes by 50 percent for small business owners frees up capital for them to hire people. Further tax cuts for mechanics, construction workers, and tow trucks will save middle class families more money too.

Overall, Governor Kasich’s proposed budget cuts taxes by $1.4 billion and has a direct impact on middle class Ohio families. Families should decide for themselves what they think of Governor Kasich’s budget, instead of letting lobbyists, unions or politicians tell them.

Chad R. Wilkins

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