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Village demo list is down to six properties

By Charles Prince

MILLERSPORT – The list of properties meeting the criteria for demolition via the Moving Ohio Forward program fell to six for the second reading of the proposed resolution on Feb. 12.

They are:

• 12280 Lancaster St.

• 2687 Summit St.

• 2790 Chautauqua

• 12115 Fifth Avenue

• 12049 Fourth Avenue and

• 12025 Fourth Avenue

Mayor’s assistant Vince Popo is coordinating the program. He said he heard some feedback from a few owners on the village’s first and longer list. He emphasized that the process is lengthy and each property must be condemned first. “We just can’t go and tear it down,” he explained.

The Lancaster Street former gas station turned apartment building has been condemned by the health department. Popo credited Police Chief Mark Consolo for finally getting the health department to inspect it.

“If that’s all we accomplish (demolishing 12280 Lancaster St.), it still will be worth it,” he said.

In Fairfield County, Popo said the county contacts the owner, and conducts the title search and asbestos inspection.

In other business Feb. 12, Mayor Dean Severance appointed Matt Bergum permanent fire chief after he completed his one year probationary period. Christopher Redd was promoted to Lieutenant in the fire department.

Consolo reported that Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen and Lt. Tim Voris have asked him to consider expanding the readyto start Millersport Community Watch to cover all of Walnut Township.

“I’m interested in entertaining it,” he told council members. He has 10 volunteers ready to start training. Expanding it to cover the township would increase his pool of volunteers.

Consolo said two police officer applications are being reviewed. Two officers are starting school resource officer training so they will be ready if an agreement is worked out with Walnut Township Schools.

Popo reviewed a proposal from the Central Ohio Clippers Under 13 travel team to renovate the village’s baseball field. The Pataskala-based team is looking for a new home field for practices and games. The proposal has three stages, beginning with installing new bases at high school distances, removing the current infield and replacing it with a crushed brick/sand mixture and installing new side boundary fences down the first and third baselines.

“I’m really for this,” Popo said. “The is the first group to come in with an actual plan. My recommendation is we give them a try.”

Council members agreed. The team will fund the improvements.

Council members also unanimously approved a resolution to purchase three state-of-the-art 12-lead Physio-Control Lifepak 15 Heart Monitors. They list for $38,220 each, but after taking advantage of state bid pricing, trade-ins and cash discounts they will cost $29,807 each. The village is financing $80,479 for five years at three percent interest with Bremen Bank.

Bergum said data can be transmitted directly to an emergency room physician while en route to the hospital, reducing diagnosis time and speeding treatment. The units also monitor temperature, blood pressure, carbon monoxide and oxygen saturation, along with external cardiac pacing and defibrillation.

The current monitors are nearing the end of their useful life and this is the last year that the manufacturer will service them, he said.

It’s a great time to honor a veteran by purchasing a personalized brick in the Millersport Veterans Memorial Park. The inscribed bricks normally are $100. Until Memorial Day, one brick is $25 and two are $45. Payments help maintain the park. Call the village office at 467-2333 to honor a veteran.

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