2013-02-09 / Editorials & Letters

‘We need to contract with Hebron’


Well, it’s been three months since the election and Buckeye Lake Village residents still aren’t getting any answers on the fire department. Village council met last week and the fire chief wasn’t there. Tell me again why we are paying him $450 a month!

A resident stopped me recently at the Kroger store to tell me that he stopped at the fire department to get his blood pressure checked. He said there was one person on duty who told him he didn’t know how to do a blood pressure check. So he went to Hebron to get it done.

That’s what the entire village needs to do. We need to contract with Hebron for our EMS runs. Our safety and lives depend on it.

At the council meeting, one council member talked about a newspaper article on volunteer fire departments and response times. That story was about response times on fire runs, not EMS runs. We’re paying people for EMS runs and are still not getting good service.

I would like to applaud Amiee Raphael on her letter in last week’s Beacon. It’s more evidence of the problems with our department and its leadership. We need other residents to speak up for the EMS service we deserve and are paying for.

Brenda Hileman
Buckeye Lake

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