2013-01-19 / Editorials & Letters

New low at fire department


Just when you thought the Buckeye Lake Fire Department couldn’t fall any lower, they really surprise you. Last month there was a sign at the department seeking toys and other items for needy families at Christmas.

Judie Cook’s nine-year-old granddaughter received some Christmas gifts at the Buckeye Lake VFW. In the true Christmas spirit, she decided to give them to children who needed them more. There was a Santa sock, a hat and matching gloves and a stuffed toy. Each was brand new with the tags still attached. They were dropped off at the Buckeye Lake Fire Department.

Her kind gesture was quickly crushed. Cricket Ruton took the bag with the gifts and put it in the trash. What a cruel act that was likely done out of hate toward her grandmother.

I brought the items to Monday night’s council meeting and asked why they were thrown away. I was told it was because they weren’t sanitized and that the toys had to be wrapped.

That didn’t sound truthful to me so I checked with some other toy drive sponsors. They said requiring toys to be wrapped would mean they wouldn’t get many donations. I also know that when J. C. Penny did toy drives they accepted all toys.

This ugly incident confirms my belief that if you speak out against the fire department they will retaliate even if the victim is a generous nine-year old girl. I know this real fear of retaliation is keeping many residents from speaking out about our poor EMS service.

We need to stand strong and demand that our mayor do the right thing. At this point that is to contract with Hebron for nowaiting to dispatch EMS service. We’ve already paid for it; we just need to get it.

Cricket, you owe the Cook Family an apology.

Brenda Hileman
Buckeye Lake

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