2013-01-19 / Editorials & Letters

It’s time to break the silence


I woke up this morning at 3, 4 and 5 a.m. thinking about the common sense that has been lost or missing around the Buckeye Lake area for years. History repeats itself there on a regular basis and to save my life I can’t understand why!

It’s been clearly demonstrated that emergency medical services are disfunctional in Buckeye Lake Village, threatening residents and visitors alike.

The mayor is a joke and most of council is no better. The Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association has not spoken up, nor has the Buckeye Lake Chamber of Commerce. None of the other area fire departments have spoken out and they all know exactly what the problem is. There is a purple elephant in the room and no one wants to admit they see it.

How can that be? How can you be proud to be from the Buckeye Lake area if you are not making any effort to make it a safer place to live? Where is your integrity, your care for others and your duty to do your part?

For years now I get calls for help when a controversial issue arises. You all know who you are. Why is there no ripple effect from the help you get to address the next situation? I’ll tell you why...because you don’t think it is your problem, that’s why.

Someone in Buckeye Lake Village will lose their life because of a no or delayed EMS response. It’s only a matter of time. When that happens I hope those of you who have stood silent feel some sort of guilt. If you don’t, there is something wrong with you.

I don’t care how busy you are; you can’t go around this world with tunnel vision and expect to live in a good community and let things like this go on. Every day it seems people get more and more selfish and narcissistic. It’s depressing, especially when we are talking about life or death.

I would still be sitting in those council meetings if I weren’t in Florida for my own mental health. All of you should attend a Buckeye Lake Village council meeting so you can get a first hand look at what is really going on. The fact is Mayor Rick Baker, Council President Charlene Hayden, both Crickett and Dave Ruton, Toby Miller and Pete Leindecker have forfeited any right to a position of public trust. They are endangering the public health and safety of anyone living or visiting Buckeye Lake Village.

Sadly, so is the fire department review committee the mayor appointed to do his job. Their key recommendation was summarily dropped without a peep or any public discussion. The lesson here is that we can’t expect others to fix our problems.

People who live in Buckeye Lake Village have everything to lose if they speak up. They know what the word ‘vindictive’ means. Thankfully some ignore the threats and speak up anyway. For the love of God, please help your neighbors.

Tory Wolfe
West Bank

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