2012-10-27 / News

Railroad crossing repairs closing township roads

By Scott Rawdon

UNION TOWNSHIP – Railroad crossing repairs will close several Union Township roads for a few days before the end of October. “We are making some road closures,” said Randy Young, project manager for the Atlas Railroad Construction Co. “We’re taking the tracks (at the crossings) completely out.”

He said the entire crossing would be replaced, including the section of track that crosses the roadway. The base beneath the tracks and pavement will be resurfaced for a smooth crossing.

In Union Township, the following railroad crossings will be closed for repair:

• Hallie Lane- Oct. 26 through 29;

• Deeds Road- Oct. 26 through 29

Asphalt and the track will be removed the first day, with the base resurfaced the second day. Paving will be done on the third day. Young said the repairs will not change the elevations at the crossings. To lower the steep grade at the Thornwood Drive crossing would require the entire railway bed to be lowered for at least a mile and a half in both directions from the crossing. “That’s not in the railroad’s budget,” he said.

Union Township Trustee Rick Black said at the Oct. 15 trustees meeting that Canyon Road near its Lees Road intersection would remain closed for six to eight weeks as a bridge is currently being replaced.

In other township news:

• Black said a suggested Oct. 18 meeting between trustees and Hebron Village Council’s Safety Committee to discuss a fire contract with the Hebron Fire Department would need to be rescheduled.

Hebron Council President Annelle Porter expressed frustration with the delay at their Oct. 15 combined Hebron committees meeting. She said trustees have had a draft proposal from Hebron for nearly two weeks. Porter said trustees have not commented on the draft.

The meeting is now scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 25, in Hebron Council chambers.

A two-year contract for fire and EMS service to the unincorporated portions of the township south of the Columbus & Ohio River railroad expires at the end of this year. Currently, Union Township pays 60 percent of the Hebron department’s operating expenses, while the township receives 100 percent of the net revenue from EMS billing from patient transports in the contract area. The township uses some of that revenue to offset its payments to Hebron.

Previously, Mason said he was told that township officials do not anticipate having any more money to offer Hebron for services beyond what the township’s two fire levies generate, less the $80,000 a year the township is paying to the Granville Township Fire Department to cover the area north of the railroad.

Mason said the township’s offer was roughly $420,000 per year, although currently the township is paying roughly $650,000 per year for fire and EMS services.

• Black said JBA Architects of Newark would design a salt bin for the township so trustees can send the project out for bid. “This is what the Ohio Revised Code tells us we have to do,” said Black. He said the design would cost roughly $5,900 and the salt bin would be $70,000 or more.

Black said previously that trustees first discussed building a new salt bin at the Union Township Complex months ago, but what seemed like a simple construction project has met with a surprising number of roadblocks.

Trustee President John Slater said previously one of the reasons trustees decided to build a new salt bin is because so much salt remains from last year’s unusually mild winter. He said the township’s existing salt bin is full and a farmer is storing the rest until a new bin is ready.

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