2012-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

Voters can speak on Nov. 6 without fear

Editor: Monday night’s Buckeye Lake Village council meeting was more dysfunction at the junction than usual. Council President Charlene Hayden finally asked why I come to Buckeye Lake meetings. I said I’m there representing residents who have thanked me because they are scared to speak out for fear they won’t get fire or EMS service. How sad is that?

Here’s the good news! On Nov. 6 they can speak in complete secrecy by voting NO for the fire department renewal levy and force them to fix the department.

Your mayor is either spineless or sly as a fox. He passed the buck by forming a committee to do his job. Don’t be fooled by the hope for change. Your taxes for the fire department will be collected through 2013 no matter what so you can wait for REAL changes before renewing the levy. If you vote yes now, nothing will change.

I recently saw a campaign letter from Perry County Commissioner candidate Thad Cooperider. He says “I’m proud of what we were able to accomplished, but my attitude and communication skills could have used a little polish…” REALLY? He was referring to his previous terms as a commissioner. His statement is still true. He adds, “whoever wins this seat will be working with two commissioners with a combined total of 0 years experience as elected officials.”

His opponent, Ed Keister, has four years experience as a commissioner. He has a pedigree a mile long and is not a “me me” person like Thad.

Victoria Wolfe
West Bank

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