2012-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

Vote ‘Yes’ on Issue 23


Issue 23 is the 1.75% Replacement Income Tax for Walnut Township Local Schools. I taught in the elementary for 15 years, served as curriculum supervisor for five years, have a wife and three sons as alumni, and now retired after 35 years in education.

So why support Issue 23? Since its original approval in 2003, all employees have worked diligently in providing educational opportunities by implementing the frequently changing K-12 State Curriculum, now called Ohio Core Curriculum, and testing program in grades 3 - 8 and 10.

By partnering with Liberty Union High School, our students have not three, but six Advanced Placement courses in biology, chemistry, physics, American history, calculus, and literature. ACT scores are better than the state average. Being innovative by sharing administrative positions with another district, combining non-teaching positions, and offering early retirement incentives, $354,000 was saved which demonstrates good stewardship of our tax dollars. Issue 23 taxes only earned income; therefore, offering tax relief for fixed income senior citizens. Total income received annually by the district remains the same $1.2 million, all used for operating expenses.

As a community, let’s continue supporting the efforts of our educators, staff, and especially our kids by voting YES on Issue 23. It is the last item on the ballot.

Jim Roshon

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