2012-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

Obama’s war on coal takes toll on us too


I want to remind everyone about the damage the Obama administration’s EPA regulations targeting coal production have done to the generation of electricity in Ohio. According to the Energy Information Administration’s own stats, at the end of 2011 1,387 coal fired plants still existed. From 2009-2011, 78 plants were retired averaging 59 megawatts each (8.5% total coal fired electricity loss). 166 units are to be retired between 2012- 2015 (averaging 154 megawatts each). If you look at the EIA’s map you’ll see that the eastern US is hit hard, with Ohio hardest hit! Plants located near states producing coal are most heavily targeted.

AEP intends to close all or part of 11 plants and eliminate 600 jobs. How can we attract new factories/businesses to Ohio if the cost of electric is prohibitive?

Will you or I be able to afford our utility bills? I’m told our electric bills will double within the next few months. Think of the jobs lost in mining and transportation. If you’re spending more money to keep warm, cook what little food you can afford, plug your cell phone in: will you have any money left for other needs? More jobs loss!

One last thought: The government was discussing characterizing coal dust as a hazardous waste, but dropped it due to the ruckus it raised. Do you believe that will be forgotten or revived with four more years of Obama?

I believe in each individual’s choice, this is a God given right- -supported by our United States Constitution. Thanks.

Carolyn Clark
Fairfield Beach

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