2012-10-27 / Editorials & Letters

How much money is enough?


In 2000, Baltimore’s population was 2,881 and the police department budget was $127,837 or $44.38 per citizen. By 2009, the police department budget $100.54 per citizen.

Income Tax collections in 2009 were $263,317. If taxable income stays the same and the rate increases to 1.75 percent, income tax revenue increases to $460,804. The estimated $197,487 increase goes to the Police Department. Right now, we don’t know what the village administration will do with the police budget, but if we assume the increase will supplement the current budget then the cost $164.45 per citizen.

The proposed increase is only on “earned income,” so actual taxpayers will be less than the total population. Wikipedia says 14.2% of our population is over age 65 and 26.1% is under age 18. Excluding both age groups from the new tax means only about 1,206 citizens will be paying it., increasing the cost to $411 per citizen.

Wikipedia says median “family” income in Baltimore, is $46,780 and quoting Chief Tussey (9/8/2012) “only 1.5 cents per $2.00 of earned income.” This is an additional $350.85 in tax, in addition to the $ 467.80 owed for the current income tax.

I am 68 and draw Social Security and if I give up my “earned income,” I won’t pay an extra penny. I’m concerned about workers who are struggling in this economy.

Some of these numbers may change, but nevertheless this proposed income tax increase will be a hardship for many Baltimore citizens..

Vote your wallet, not the desires of the village administration.

Charles R. Lamb

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