2012-10-20 / Editorials & Letters

Romney – ‘yes,’ fire levy renewal – ‘no’


This year we have a choice in the Licking County Commissioner’s race. Tim Bubb is running AGAIN but not unopposed. His opponent is Jim Snedden, Jr. and I highly recommend voting for Jim. In my opinion, Bubb is a career politician. He has condoned/allowed/encouraged nepotism and other conflicts of interest. Those actions show that a politician is looking out for himself and other members of the GOB’s. We need a person who will do what’s best for ALL of us. So, please, vote for JIM...not Tim!

As for other issues in this election: Romney gets my vote, but the fire department levy does NOT! When dealing with health and safety, there are NO excuses as to why someone was not scheduled. A simple call to inform 911 to call another department when staffing is short would be much safer than to wait and wait for staff to show up at our own department!

I have seen the actions of the Rutons (Dave and Cricket) on a scene where a heart patient wanted someone other than them (Rutons) to treat her because of a history of neighborhood disputes stemming from one of Ruton’s relatives accused of killing a cat belonging to the heart patient. I heard Dave Ruton order a member of the squad team to NOT give this woman oxygen. In fact, he commented that if she didn’t want them (Rutons) treating her NO ONE was treating her. This type of unprofessional and downright hateful attitude from department personnel will keep the Buckeye Lake Fire Department levy from getting my vote!

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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