2012-10-20 / Editorials & Letters

Leaves don’t belong in the lake


Leaves are beginning to fall and some of our neighbors find it more convenient to simply blow them into the lake rather than bag them and have them hauled away.

Studies that were conducted at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Missouri suggest that autumn leaves contain as much as 7 pounds of total phosphorous per/ton.

Buckeye Lake has more than enough total phosphorous and adding more only adds to the challenges we face as we attempt to improve the water quality in our lake.

Recently, I received a couple of notes from other concerned residents around the lake. It seems unbelievable, but one letter referenced a North Bank neighbor who was actually throwing her dog’s waste directly into the lake. When we urge folks to pick-up after their pet, we assume that everyone knows that means to bag it and put it in the trash not the lake.

Another letter talks about a neighbor who is emptying her laundry waste water directly into the lake. She lives on one of the channels and must assume that no one is watching.

Some are asking, how much damage can one dog’s fecal matter do to the lake and why are we concerned over laundry waste water, she is probably using detergent without any phosphorous and regarding the leaves, the trees on the shoreline are going to drop leaves into the lake anyway, so what’s the big deal about a few more?

For those that do care about their property values or protecting this natural resource or simply enjoying the lake, Thank You for doing your part. For the few who don’t seem to care, you likely didn’t read this far anyway.

Merv Bartholow
Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow

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