2012-10-20 / Editorials & Letters

Fiscal officer supports fire levy


As the Village of Buckeye Lake Fiscal Officer, I am writing to endorse the its fire levy. It is never a step in the right direction to tear down an institution because there is a dislike for individuals. The department is more important than the people that make up the department.

The Buckeye Lake Fire Department has a long history of serving residents. If Buckeye Lake loses the funding, the village will lose its department. If we lose the department, we risk losing the solid ISO rating, the equipment and the building. I don’t believe voting no on the levy is the answer. The Village of Buckeye Lake is better than it was 20 years ago and it will certainly be much better 20 years from now than it is now. The only way to get better is to build, not destroy.

Vincent B. Popo
Fiscal Officer, Village of Buckeye Lake

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