2012-10-20 / Editorials & Letters

Few Bowling Green overcharges fixed


I would like to respond to a recent letter regarding potential “overcharges” to Bowling Green Township residents. This was brought to our attention a month or so ago. We responded immediately by reviewing all Bowling Green accounts and found two customers who were put on a wrong price code and we credited their accounts. We communicated this back to the township trustee who brought this to our attention through phone messages and emails.

When we were awarded Bowling Green’s contract the township did not have a list of residents’ addresses so we worked with the county who helped generate one.. Then we sent out an announcement with a registration form, using those forms to register the residents for the services they chose. We have contracts with a large number of townships and villages in the area and this method has worked well. There will always be a few mistakes and we strive to correct them as soon as we find out about them as we did in this instance.

Our apologies if there was any type of miscommunication from our office. We are proud to serve the residents of Bowling Green Township and the entire Central Ohio area. We pride ourselves on offering good service, doing a little extra when we are asked, and show our support through the many sponsorships for local events and the scholarships we make available at 16 area high schools.

John D. Peckskamp, V.P.
Big O Refuse LLC

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