2012-10-13 / Editorials & Letters

We need to say ‘no’ on new police levy


“Vote for OUR Police Department” signs are cropping up. I’m not surprised that most are in the yards of our beloved council members. Few are in the yards of “regular” citizens. Again we are being told what we need. I know why council members support the levy. Without it, they can’t afford the department they created.

I know village council believes Baltimore “now” has a “very professional” police department, but one they cannot afford to fund properly. I have lived here since 1960, and seen police protection over those years. What was so bad about those former officers? They did a good job protecting the community, and did so without “breaking the bank”.

Voters “cleaned their clock” in 2011; fiscally conservative voters said “No”. Did they listen…NO. Fiscally conservative voters are being offered a “pass” in hopes of a “yes” vote this time. I am a senior, but still work, and want to continue until I’m ready to stop or my health forces me to. Don’t be fooled. If this change was made out of compassion for the fiscally conservative/seniors/fixed income citizens, why didn’t they take this approach the first time?

The mayor’s “new” residents in Baltimore are a “myth”. Who wants to pay at least $70 a month to flush their toilet once or drink one glass of water a month? “We” pay and “they” continue to spend, spend and spend.

We need to say “NO” again, and to “remove and replace” the spenders in village administration.

Charles R. Lamb

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