2012-10-13 / Editorials & Letters

‘Romney is a job maker’


Our President is running a campaign of division and distortion.

The Obama campaign has spent months hammering to get this election to be about anything but the president’s record. The Obama camp has worked hard to make Mitt Romney out as a bad, unfeeling, cold-hearted rich guy who only cares about his own bottom line. But the reality is he is a real-life Good Samaritan who has walked the walk of caring for his fellow man not only with his own money but with his own time and his own hands.

President Obama is running a campaign of “division” and “distortion” to distract the American people” from the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression.

Single women need to reconsider voting based on the old issues of abortion and contraception. (Romney is a moderate on these issues.) But how about voting based on your ability to make a living? Obviously, poverty has left many single women dependent on government. Their larger interest is in getting good jobs at good pay -- like they did before Obama took office. Romney is a job maker.

The United States of America will not turn to socialism. American’s foundation was built on ambition, competition and confidence. Hard work still dominates the American spirit regardless of gender or marital status.

Please note: Gas was an aver- age of $1.84 before Obama took office according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report January 20th 2008. Romney supports energy!

Women for Romney,

Laurie Groves, Cindy Novak,
Patricia Weed and Nancy Keller

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