2012-10-13 / Editorials & Letters

Fire department isn’t getting its job done


Thank you Buckeye Lake Council member Jeryne Peterson! You pointed out what we have been trying to tell our mayor and village council. You were quoted, “You’re not voting for people; you’re voting for the jobs being done.”

That’s exactly the problem we have. That’s why we should vote NO for the fire levy unless there are significant changes – the job is NOT getting done!

Why should we agree to spend our hard earned money for something we aren’t getting – the job done!

And again Ms. Peterson, you are right. It seems we should be able to have paid as well as volunteer staff. But who would want the job with the leadership they have now!

Arletta Ruton, another council member, said that all departments have their own issues. Don’t you think it is pretty serious and very sad that OUR issues have to be with emergency services which directly affect our safety.

Judy Allen
Buckeye Lake

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