2012-10-06 / Editorials & Letters

We deserve better fire department leadership


On 9/24, the Buckeye Lake Village Council President announced intentions to pass a resolution in support of the fire levy. Council would be wise to stay neutral and silent or else be caught with red faces. The advisory committee investigating the department has only met once. Nothing has been done to correct the serious issues reported by The Beacon. Its five-part series is based on 9-1-1 call records, monthly staffing schedules and employee timecards.

Voters have three opportunities to vote on the levy. All is NOT lost as Chief Leindecker would have you believe. He says voting “no” will shut down the department and double our taxes - totally false claims!

We simply want accountability and improved response time. We’ve lost many good volunteers and paid staff due to lousy leader- ship. At recent training meetings, Leindecker threatened to fire anyone caught leaking information to the press. If a leader must threaten his staff, there are serious problems. Plain and simple, we need a new fire chief! Assistant Chief Rod Riley finally admitted it after a recent council meeting.

Voters hold the power in their vote. Let’s send a message. A good department starts with good leadership. Leindecker collects $450 monthly and DOES NOTHING except set a POOR example.

Several years ago, Leindecker falsified his EMT re-certification. Mayor Foster gave him a pass. More recently, Leindecker on his own approved two tuition payments for his son. Mayor Baker gave him a pass.

Our families deserve better.

Peggy Wells
Buckeye Lake

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