2012-10-06 / Editorials & Letters

All three commission posts on ballot


I’m truly concerned for Perry County; we must stop our current practice of raising taxes and spending more money. We need to aggressively pursue delinquent taxes and make sure everyone pays only their fair share.

Our county needs to be ran like a business, staying under budget and getting the most for your hard earned tax dollars. We need commissioners who will actively support our local industries, and our local resources - agriculture, oil, gas, clay and coal.

We have an unusual opportunity this election; all three commissioner positions are on the ballot. We must vote for candidates with successful business backgrounds, proven leadership and the ability to make the right decisions, even if they are not the most popular decisions. We also need to elect officials that have the ability to leave their politics at home after they are elected and make every decision based on the good for all residents.

4 year term: Thad Cooperrider vs. Ed Keister (vote for one)
4 year term: Lloyd Harley
vs. Jim O’Brien (vote for one)
2 year term: Dave Freriks
vs. Tim Green (vote for one)

I hope voters find this helpful in making your decisions.

I respectfully ask for your support and vote.

Thad Cooperrider
Thorn Township

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