2012-09-15 / News

Community Health Assessment finished

NEWARK – The Licking County Health Department has released its 2012 Community Health Assessment.

“Conducting a community health assessment is one of the core functions of a local health department.” said Joe Ebel, Licking County Health Commissioner. “The assessment will help us to identify the major public health concerns in Licking County, and we will work with our partners to address these concerns.”

The 2012 Community Health Assessment will also assist the Licking County Community Health Improvement Committee in setting their future priorities. The committee was established by the Health Department in 2010 and is comprised of over 20 agencies in Licking County. The group has worked together to develop a comprehensive community health improvement plan for the county. in the plan.

For more information visit www.lickingcohealth.org and www.healthylc.org

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