2012-09-08 / News

Ban on texting while driving is in effect

COLUMBUS – It is now illegal to use any mobile communications device while driving in Ohio if you are under the age of 18. This means no texting, emailing, cell phone calls, video games, iPad/tablet or handheld GPS use while driving, even when sitting at a light or in a traffic jam.

There is a six-month warning period during which no enforcement will be taken. After that date, enforcement action begins. This is a primary offense, which means it is the only reason police need to pull you over. First violation is a $150 fine and driver license suspension for 60 days. Second violation is a $300 fine and license suspension for one year. Exceptions include preprogrammed GPS or emergency calls to police, ambulance, or fire department.

The law prohibits adults from writing, sending or reading a textbased message from behind the wheel of a car. For any person 18 and over, this is a secondary offense and a minor misdemeanor.

For more information, please visit: http://bmv.ohio.gov/texting_ ban.stm

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