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Buckeye Lake residents, visitors are not safe


SARCASM - is the legal way of beating the crap out of some people. It’s also one of the free services I provide when it comes to improving the Buckeye Lake area. For those who might not have understood my last Beacon letter, it was total sarcasm and wasn’t really funny after all at least to me.

If you read Charlie’s FACTUAL assessment of the Buckeye Lake Fire Department last week it’s clear that Buckeye Lake Village residents and visitors are NOT safe with the existing fire department. The department’s poor performance may have contributed to a tragic death. This is serious and should deeply concern anyone spending time or driving through the department’s territory.

Here is the kicker; the mayor has always had the ability to replace the existing staff. Why hasn’t it been done? Guess who the current training officer is for Buckeye Lake Fire Department... Toby Miller. How many jobs does Mr. Miller have exactly? What is his income and what are his qualifications to be the Jack-of-all-trades in the Village of Buckeye Lake?

We deserve answers to these questions. Yes, Toby and I go back a long way. In fact, since some residents won’t defend themselves’ or have given up, I will be too happy championing the causes for them. Most people on the outside just shake their heads watching the Buckeye Lake Village train wreck. I’ve watched it for 16 years. I won’t in good conscience let this continue without speaking out. It is everyone’s moral obligation to look after their neighbors. Moral obligation is the kind of thing you should have learned in elementary school. It’s the basis for civic associations and charities.

I guarantee Mayor Rick Baker and Council President Charlene Hayden will try as usual blow this off or come up with some excuse to absolve themselves of any responsibility.

This isn’t the first time Charlie has done his homework to point out how the village is wasting your money or failing to meet its basic responsibilities to you. Generally it falls on deaf ears and little if anything changes.

It’s time for village officials to get some hearing aids and a refresher course on “Things I Should Have Learned in Elementary School.” As for your mayor; he might want to get a job that was especially tailored for him. In my opinion, a wet T-shirt contest judge would be perfect. Rick, your brother-in-law gave you a warning, but you were just too arrogant to listen.

Victoria Wolfe
West Bank

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