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‘We need everyone to vote…’


Well, as readers all know, we have an election coming and people are again looking at their pocketbooks. In Baltimore, we will again be asked to supply additional funding for the Baltimore Police Department. First, let me say that I have no personal issues with that department and I do think that they provide a needed service to our community, but that is where it stops.

I had a “by chance” meeting last week with Police Chief Tussey and learned a few things.

The whole idea for the “enhancement” of the police department started with Mayor Kalish and former Village Administrator Hall, and I had been told this previously by a council member. With council’s agreement, they hired a consultant from Cincinnati to look at the department and make recommendations. To make a long story short, they gave Chief Tussey a mandate to accomplish as many of the stated “goals,” but apparently have not provided enough funding to accomplish them. That is where we are at this point. In fact, I have been told by another source that the budget for the police department had been “cut”, and that occurred at the same time the former village administrator kept getting raises.

Seniors and others on disability or other forms of fixed incomes are now to be exempted from paying for the costs of the issue. My question is, if they feel so much compassion for those citizens, why did they not present the issue in this way the first time ? Do not be fooled into thinking that they “care”. They did not “care” about your financial situation in the November 2011 election, or when they raised your water/sewer bill.

Did they “care” about you when they paid nearly $ 700,000 to Village Administrator Hall ? They “care” about you now because they want you to “stay at home”, or not vote against the levy. I still feel that our “fixed income” residents played a very large part in the defeat of the first issue, and that, in my opinion, is why they presented this issue in a different form. When I say “they,”,I am referring to the village administration and not the police department. Think what that nearly $700,000 that went to Administrator Hall could have done for the police department and other village public service departments.

We need everyone to vote, and vote their pocketbook. We need to send the message that we do not like all the spending that has taken place and “rubber stamped” by this village council. We need to get “our” village council to change their ways, or we need to replace them, with someone who will do the job they asked for, and not allow someone who does not even live here to set the rules, and take home a “pile of money”.

We need to do the same for our “We want to be ready for the growth of Baltimore” mayor. I guess everyone has a dream, don’t they ?

Charles R. Lamb

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