2012-07-28 / Police Report

Police reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• July 21: A Lancaster man said someone stole the contents of his son’s backpack while he was in Buckeye Lake Village.

• July 21: A Duke service station employee reported a customer left without paying for $10 in gas.

• July 21: A Hebron Road man reported that his wife hit him following an argument, but he didn’t want to press charges.

• July 22: A child was safely removed from a vehicle with automatic locks. The owner said the car was new and he didn’t know the doors would lock themselves when they were shut. The incident was deemed an accident.

• July 22: A fight was reported at the Duke service station, but all parties were gone when police arrived.

• July 22: A KOA staffer reported a suspicious person. An officer advised the person to leave the campground and not return.

• July 22: A Newark man was arrested in Buckeye Lake on a warrant.

• July 23: Three drivers were each cited for traveling 46 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.

• July 23: A driver was cited for traveling 49 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Mill Dam Road.

• July 23: A driver was cited for traveling 57 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.


• June 18: Police were called at 10:18 p.m. on a report of someone in a house on North 6th Street. Both the area and house checked secure.

• June 18: Police responded at 11:43 p.m. to a report of gunshots on West Main Street. Police rolled up on a large party on West North Street, scattering male and female juveniles into the house and nearby fields. Police seized the beer in a cooler in the driveway. Three vehicles there were cited for parking violations – two for facing the wrong way on the third and one for parking on the sidewalk. Witnesses said the gunshot like sounds came from the party and were likely firecrackers.

• June 19: A driver was cited fro going 69 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• June 20: Police assisted the Licking County Sheriff’s Office by responding to a report of several subjects stealing scrap metal from Constar Plastics on O’Neill Drive. The subjects were found and held for deputies.

• June 20: The Licking County Sheriff’s Office asked police to watch northbound Ohio 79 for a man wanted for domestic violence. Police saw him and held him for deputies.

• June 20: A Lake Forest Drive resident reported the theft of money from a dresser. He told police that he believed someone on a car- pet cleaning crew had stolen the money. Police took a report.

• June 21: Police were called to the Best Western motel on a report of the smell of marijuana coming from a guest’s room. Police didn’t smell anything.

• June 21: A Broadway Street apartment resident reported receiving harassing text messages from her ex-boyfriend. Both parties were advised not to contact each other.

• June 21: A driver was cited for going 70 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• June 22: A jogger reported finding pills along Refugee Road. Police recovered the pills and placed them in evidence as found property.

• June 22: Police on patrol saw a 48 year-old man set off a bottle rocket. He was warned.

• June 22: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident told police that her juvenile daughter was receiving harassing text messages from another juvenile.

• June 23: Police cited a driver at 4:23 a.m. for driving under suspension on Burch Street near East Main Street.

• June 23: A driver was cited for going 70 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• June 23: Police took a report after a driver left the Duke station without paying for $6.81 worth of gasoline.

• June 23: Police arrested and took to jail a man who had been detained for theft from the Kroger store.

• June 24: Police were called at 3:25 a.m. on a report of a raccoon on the side of a West Main Street house. The raccoon left before police arrived.

• June 24: A West Main Street resident complained about the quality of a product she had purchased from an internet vendor. Police told her it is a civil matter.

• June 25: A manager at Hendrickson Axle reported the theft of the tailgate from a company truck.

• June 25: A Heath woman told police that a man that she has a protection order against send her a text message. Police took a report.

• June 25: A driver was cited from going 71 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at O’Neill Drive.

• June 26: A driver was warned for following too closely on Ohio 79 after police saw him tailgating on Ohio 79. When that vehicle slowed, police said he changed lanes and pulled within three feet of another vehicle.

• June 26: A village official told police that his vehicle was struck in the rear while slowing to turn into the municipal complex. The driver failed to stop. Police found the driver who was charged with failure to assure clear distance ahead, driving under suspension and failure to stop after an accident.

• June 27: Police arrested and took to jail a woman who was detained for theft at the Kroger store.

• June 28: A Broadway Street apartment resident told police that someone left a bag of dog feces on her back porch. She reported some trouble with neighbors but didn’t want police to contact them about the incident.

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