2012-07-21 / Police Report

Police reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• July 11: A North Bank Road woman said someone stole several items from her car.

• July 11: A Flamingo Drive woman said someone entered her car without permission, but nothing was removed.

• July 16: A man was arrested on a warrant out of Whitehall.

• July 17: Officer was informed that a man and a juvenile were threatening another man. The man who was threatening was armed. The officer subdued the assailants and found that the older assailant possessed drugs.

• July 17: A Pickerington man said someone stole several items from his car.

• July 17: A Highland Ave. man said someone stole several items from his home.


• • June 12: A driver was cited for a traffic light violation on Ohio 79 at Enterprise Drive following a crash that sent three people to the hospital.

• June 13: A driver was cited for going 44 mph in a 25 mph zone on East Main Street at Basin Street.

• June 13: Police took a report after being told that a male concealed a bottle of liquor and then walked out of the Kroger store.

• June 13: A Canal Road apartment resident told police that a juvenile living there pushed her step-daughter to the ground. She insisted that police file charges. The report will be reviewed by a juvenile prosecutor for possible charges.

• June 13: Police were called to the Kroger parking lot at 11:47 p.m. on a report of an infant locked inside a car that was still running. An employee of a towing company unlocked the vehicle.

• June 14: Police responded to a hold-up alarm at Park National Bank. It was tripped accidentally.

• June 14: A Lake Forest Drive resident reported that his mailbox had been damaged.

• June 14: Buckeye Lake Police told police that a van was heading to a recycling center On Burch Street with a highway guard rail on the van roof. Police stopped the vehicle for the Licking County Sheriff’s Office. It was determined that the guard rail had not been stolen as originally believed.

• June 14: A South 8th Street resident reported he theft of her house keys after she left them in her front door.

• June 15: A driver was cited for squealing his vehicle’s tires for half a block as he turned onto West Main Street from Lakewood Drive.

• June 15: A North 6th Street woman said a man had been pounding on her door and was now sitting in a lawn chair on her porch. No one was on the porch when police arrived. Police checked the area, but didn’t find anyone.

• June 15: A Ridgely Tract resident gave a do to a Hebron man. She told police she suspected the man was abusing the dog and wanted the dog back. She also told police that the same man was having an under age party at his home. Police found the man outside with some friends. There were no signs of a party nor had the dog been abused. Police told the complainant that it was now a civil matter.

• June 16: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident reported the theft of his son’s baseball bag from a dugout at Evans Park. His son left it there while he played basketball.

• June 16: A driver was cited for driving under suspension and for traveling 72 mph in a 50 mph zone on Ohio 79 at US 40.

• June 16: Police checked out a report on Lakewood Drive of a juvenile hitting golf balls over the roadway. He was advised to stop.

• June 17: Police assisted an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper with a BAC test. The driver blew a 0.154 and was charged with OVI.

• June 17: Police on patrol at 5:14 a.m. saw a vehicle parked behind the Hebron Business Center. The driver said he worked at Krogers and was waiting to report to work at 5:30 a.m.

• June 17: Police were called at 8:57 p.m. on a report of loud music at an East Main Street address. The resident was cited for disorderly conduct due to the frequency of complaints about loud music there.

• June 18: A North 6th Street woman called police at 2:47 a.m. to report that someone had knocked on her bedroom window. Two officers checked the area and didn’t find anyone. Police didn’t find any signs of physical evidence.

• June 18: A neighbor told police that he hadn’t seen his North 8th Street neighbor for several days and that the garage door had been open for that time as well. Police found the man at home and he was fine.

• June 18: A Rockingham Drive resident told police that a vehicle was going too fast in Crossroads Manor. The complainant stopped the vehicle and when the driver wouldn’t address her questions, she called police. Police found driver who denied driving fast. He said a woman pulled in front of his vehicle in a wheelchair and demanded his name. He was advised to slow down. Police advised the complainant not to pull out in front of vehicles and demand information.

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