2012-07-21 / Editorials & Letters

Do the math, Merv


I would like to give you a different take on Merv Bartholow’s view of using lake water to water tour grass and flowers.

As a life long citizen of the state of Ohio, a resident and property owner on our great lake, I would submit to you as a taxpayer (sales, property and income, plus various fees we pay to live here), I see no reason not to take any of my water from my lake to water my grass and flowers. As you will see, Mother Nature takes far more water from the lake per day than any waterers. Oh, by the way, think of all the gallons of potable and well water we are saving for those who value our drinking water in a brief time of any water shortage.

Now to the math Merv...there are 43,560 square feet of surface area per acre which means our lake at 3,173 acres has 138,215,880 square feet of surface area. At an evaporation rate of 1/8 inch per day on an average sunny summer day, this equals 1,439,748 cubic feet of water per day. At 7.48 gallons per cubic foot, this equals 10,769,320 gallons per day evaporation. Now, for example, if 400 people water at 200 gallons per day (which is a lot) this equals 80,000 gallons per day watering. It would take 134 days at this rate to equal one day of evaporation. Or to put it another way, watering at this rate all summer would take almost 12 years to drop the lake one (1) inch... provided of course we do not get rain for the next 12 years.

Good intentions are fine, as long as they have some basis in reality. I see Merv’s point but I hope he sees mine. Lighten up.

Harry H. Shaw III
Buckeye Lake

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