2012-07-14 / Police Report

Police reports

Compiled from selected police activity reports.

Buckeye Lake

• July 5: Two drivers were each cited for running a stop sign on Mill Dam Road.

• July 5: An officer was dispatched to an accident at Ohio 79 and 5th Street. One car spun into the median and another was beside it. A woman in the spun car’s driver’s seat said she turned into the other vehicle and spun off the road. She was cited for failure to yield. The driver of the other vehicle said the woman was not driving the vehicle when the accident occurred; the man sitting in the passenger seat was. The woman admitted she was covering for her boyfriend, who was driving under a suspended license. The officer cited the boyfriend for driving under suspension and failure to yield, and the woman was cited for obstructing official business.

• July 7: A Duke service station employee reported a customer left without paying for $10 in gasoline.

• July 8: A Hebron Road woman said someone intentionally damaged her vehicle.

• July 9: A driver was cited for traveling 48 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Mill Dam Road.

• July 9: A driver was cited for traveling 46 in a 35 miles per hour zone on Walnut Road.

• July 9: A Columbus man said someone broke into his grandfather’s Buckeye Lake home and stole several items.

• July 10: A Union Avenue man said his estranged wife signed his name on a tax document without permission.

• July 11: A Flamingo Court woman said someone broke into her car.

• July 11: Buckeye Lake Police Chief Ron Small said someone is breaking into cars around North Bank Road and urged residents to lock their car doors. He said in the vast majority of cases, the cars are unlocked. He suspects the culprit is probably one or more juveniles looking for loose money or items that could be sold quickly. He said the thieves probably won’t shatter windows to enter the vehicles because doing so makes too much noise. Small said he’s not sure of the exact number of break-ins because some North Bank residents are not reporting the incidents to police. “We don’t know if they don’t tell us,” he said, adding that he hopes victims will call police when thefts or break-ins occur.

• July 11: A North Bank Road woman said someone broke into her car and stole several items.


• June 8: A Lakewood Drive apartment resident complained about a Craigslist personal ad using her phone number. The ad has been removed but she wanted the incident documented.

• June 8: Police were called about a dog left in a vehicle in the Kroger parking lot. Police spoke with driver who said he had just run in for a few items. The dog appeared to be fine.

• June 8: Police took a report after a driver left the Duke station without paying for $10 in gas.

• June 9: A Canal Road resident reported following a vehicle with a driver that seemed impaired. Police stopped the vehicle. The driver wasn’t impaired.

• June 9: Police were called to the Lakewood Drive apartment complex on a report that a vehicle had bumped into the complainant’s vehicle. Police found the driver passed out in the vehicle. He was charged with OVI and an open container.

• June 9: A Newark woman holding a garage sale at a Lakewood Drive storage unit told police that a woman took some furniture and carpet supplies without paying for them. She later returned and made payment.

• June 10: A driver was cited for going 63 mph in a 35 mph zone on West Main Street at Lakewood Drive.

• June 11: Police issued a summons after arrest when a man was detained at the Kroger store for shoplifting.

• June 11: Police were called to Ohio 79 and Enterprise Drive on a report of a driver smoking marijuana. Police didn’t find probable cause to stop the vehicle.

• June 12: Police checked out a suspicious vehicle in the McDonald’s part lot at 1:29 a.m. A female juvenile and a friend were in the vehicle. Police called her father about the curfew violation. She was advised to go home per her father’s instructions and was warned for the curfew violation.

• June 12: A Newark woman said her brother-in-law made rude comments to her outside a West Main Street home. She asked police to tell him to leave her alone. He told police he saw her sitting outside when he was coming through town so he said hello to her. He was told to avoid any contact with her and he agreed.

• June 12: An employee at a VA clinic asked police to check on a South 7th Street man who had made threats about harming himself. Police found him in good spirits and he denied making any threats.

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